Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

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Icons in the apse and ceiling

Apse (the rounded area behind the altar)
The Theotokos, Platytera, meaning "more spacious than the heavens as the Mother of God." The clear orb that Christ is holding comes from the "Salvador Mundi" icon; this represents the world and the fact that Christ holds the world in His hands.
Christ the Pantocrator (Ruler of All). In Christ's halo, the Greek letters for "I AM" are found. The four smaller icons around Christ are the four gospel writers. Matthew is the man because his gospel focuses on the humanity of Christ. Mark, emphasizing the kingship of Christ, is the lion. Luke represents Christ's service and sacrifice, which is closely associated with use of the ox for daily life as well as temple worship. John is the eagle, an animal once believed to be able to look directly at the sun, goes to a higher level of theology than the other three. The eagle also represents Christ's resurrection and divinity.

These symbols are found as the "four living creatures" in Ezekiel and Revelation.